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Adding Job Steps in a Conceptual Object Export Jobs
After you create a job, you can create a job step. For conceptual object types of export jobs, only one job step is permitted. The job step specifies properties such as the job step mode as either a full update or an incremental update, and the source and destination tables.
You can also define the optional parameters, such as the columns to include in the export, the sort order, and filter conditions. Column mapping controls how to map columns from the source table to the remote system.
You can also allocate the job step created to an object as explained in section Allocating Job Step to object.
Note: If you want to write the output file to an FTP destination, you must set up an FTP location.
For more information about configuring FTP locations, see Administering webMethods OneData.
* To add a job step in an conceptual object export job
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Data Interchange > Manage Export Job.
OneData displays the existing jobs.
2. Select the relevant conceptual object export job.
3. In Manage Job Steps, click Add.
4. Select the required constituent objects from the list and click Next.
Note: The root object is always selected by default.
5. Select an object from the Select an entity field. This field lists all the objects selected in the previous step.
6. In the Available Columns pane, select the columns to include in the export and use the arrows to move the columns to the Selected Columns pane.
7. Repeat the previous steps to select columns from other entities until you have selected all the columns to include in the export job.
8. In the Selected Columns pane, specify the sort order of the columns by selecting a column and using the up and down arrows to adjust the sort order.
9. Click Next and complete the following fields:
Job Step Name
Enter a name for the job step.
Enter a description of the job step (optional).
Select the type of update mode:
*Full Update. The job extracts the entire table every time the job executes.
*Incremental Update. In the first execution, the job extracts the entire table. In subsequent runs, the job extracts only the changes made since the last time the job executed successfully.
10. Click Save.

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