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Rules Syntax
The following table describes the syntax rules to use in expressions.
Use the physical names of columns and tables. Column and table names are case sensitive.
Enter dates in 24 hour format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
Enter the system date as %SYSDATE%.
*Embed expressions inside % sign. For example, if the table name is Employee and the column name is Emp_Name, the expression is %Employee.Emp_Name%.
*Characters are treated as literal in string comparisons. Comparing two numeric columns may result in a validation error. For example, where column A = 2 and column B = 100, the rules engine evaluates column B as greater than column A because, starting with the first character, 1 (in 100) is less than 2.
*You can use a combinations of table names, column names, system date, characters, and dates in an expression.
*You cannot compare columns from more than one table.
*You can create multiple expressions, but logical operators, such as parentheses, are not allowed.
*The ASSIGN operator is only valid in THEN expressions.

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