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The Consolidation Process
OneData uses two tables for consolidation, the Consolidation (Staging) object and the Consolidation Gold object.
The Consolidation (Staging) object is the consolidation table in the staging area into which OneData loads the data for cleansing from different sources. The Cleansing Status indicator in a record identifies the data that must be cleansed and when to promote the consolidated record from initial load to Gold creation.
As a record transitions through the consolidation process, the status changes accordingly. The initial cleansing status is Unassigned for new data in the Consolidation object. The data quality server cleanses the records with the status, Unassigned. After the record is cleansed, data quality server changes the status to Cleansed. A record typically moves from the Unassigned to Cleansed to Create Gold Auto status.
The following table lists the values of the Cleansing Status indicator in the Consolidation (Staging) object:
Reference Value
The initial status of a record. The record has not been cleansed.
Create Auto
The record has been matched. OneData automatically created the Gold record in the Consolidation Gold object.
Linked Auto
A matching record exists in the Gold object. OneData linked the matching records in the Staging table with the corresponding record in the Gold object.
Linked Manual
A hook manually linked the records in the Consolidation (Staging) object and the Gold object.
Create Manual
The Gold record was created in the Consolidation Gold object by a hook (manually).
The record has been cleansed.
Cleansed (Pending Review)
The cleansing of the record is suspect and has, therefore, been placed for manual review by the data steward. The data returned from the cleanser is updated in the object.
Cleansed (Reviewed)
Data steward review is complete, and the record status is updated from Cleansed (Pending Review) to Cleansed (Reviewed).
The data quality server (like Trillium) computes a window key, which is a concatenated value created from one or more columns of the cleansed record. The window key helps in efficient matching by initially filtering to records that are match candidates. The matching process then identifies input records with a matching window key. Each cleansed record should have at least one window key column that is marked by a column qualifier. For example, a window key could be the postal code or combination of the first four letters of a street name and last four letters of the name of a city. In Trillium, define the window key in the Trillium Cleansing project, and for webMethods Locate, define the window key in the OneData configuration. For more information, see Configuring a B2B Template for Trillium and Defining Project-Object Mapping for a Locate Cleansing Project.
The Consolidation Gold object stores the Gold records generated from the consolidation process that are then deployed to external systems.

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