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Executing a Batch Matching Process
Use the following procedure to execute a batch matching process for the matching object. You can use this same procedure to execute a batch matching for the object, CDI_MatchingObject.
OneData creates a default matching job for every project-object mapping created. If a default job does not yet exist, OneData creates one the first time you execute the Execute Batch Matching option for the matching project. You cannot modify or delete default batch matching jobs because they are used to track the manually triggered jobs. You can also schedule batch matching jobs for projects using the Add New Job option.
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Data Quality > Consolidation > Project Mapping.
2. In Filter by Project, select the matching object.
3. Click Project-Object Mapping.
4. In the Batch Matching Execution Options screen, define a new job as follows or skip to the next step.
Tip: To view the history of previous cleansing jobs, click View Matching Log.
a. In Data Quality Matching Job, click Add New Job to create a new job.
b. In Name, define the job name.
c. In Description, define a description of the job.
d. In Filter Criteria, select the field on which to filter and add it to the filter and specify the filter values.
e. In Logging Option, select the logging option.
f. In Enable Partial Commit, select the check box to enable OneData to commit changes for some records if there are records with errors in the batch.
g. You can do one of the following with the new job:
*Click Save.
*Click Save & Execute.
*Click Execute to run the job without saving it.
All new jobs are displayed in the Job Center.
For more information about using the Job Center, see Implementing webMethods OneData .
5. Click Execute.
6. To view the results, click View Matching Log.

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