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OneData System Properties
Configuring OneData System Properties
In OneData, you can customize system properties to control the presentation, security, and OneData functions, such as attachments, DDL generation, batch job functioning, notifications, and data validation.
*Attachments. Define the limitations for file attachments.
*Authentication. Define password parameters, whether LDAP is used, service layer security.
*DDL Logs. Define whether OneData generates DDL to add audit columns.
*General operations. Define general properties about OneData operation, such as cache properties, how error messages are displayed, whether personalization and broadcasting are allowed, the session timeout value, and project capability.
*Jobs. Define how OneData handles batch jobs.
*Notification. Define notification options.
*Scripting. Define the validation scripts that OneData uses.
For information about configuring system properties, see Configuring OneData System Properties.

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