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Localizing Metadata Elements
Prerequisite: Ensure that the required language packs are applied. For details on how to install language packs, see Installing Software AG Products
Use this procedure to localize metadata created in projects, for example, in objects and column names. Any translations you define for metadata elements appears to all users in Data Manager.
Note: Transfer Metadata does not support metadata localization tables. Therefore, manually transfer metadata tables OD_MD_LOCALE and OD_MD_MDATA_LCLZTN from the source to the destination system.
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > System > Metadata Localization.
2. Specify the following general details for the metadata translations you require:
a. In Id, enter suitable text by which to identify the metadata table.
b. In Locale, click , select the appropriate language pack and click Set Values.
3. Click Insert > Insert Multiple.
Alternatively, to enter localized text for only a single object metadata, use Insert > Insert.
4. In the Metadata Localization frame, specify the following details for all object metadata that requires translated text:
Enter the object metadata text in English.
Localized Text
Enter the object metadata text translation for the chose Locale.
Audit Comments
Enter comments, if any, for the text translation.
5. After entering all the object metadata translations, click Save.
Post-requisite: Clear the OneData cache from Administer > System > System Consoles > Metadata Repository Console to load the metadata translations.

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