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Object Configurations in OneData
Based on your business needs, different object configuration are available within OneData. See the following table for more information.
Recursive Structures
Constructs that hold specific relationships between elements in either simple or conceptual objects. These relationships can be self-referencing (self recursive) or network referencing (network-recursive).
*Taxonomy/Self Recursive: Unbalanced tree where one node can have only one parent. Base object contains the self recursive relationship.
*Network Recursive: Asymmetric trees/unbalanced trees where one node can have multiple parents.
Note: Network recursive structures are not supported in Default mode.
Supertype/ Subtype
Structure in which data is linked using key constraints so that common value can be updated simultaneously across multiple objects. It hides the inherent complexity in the structure from the end users.
Time Bound
Configuration in which changes to the records in the work area is transferred to the release area on a specific date.

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