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Best Practices for Creating a View
Use the following guidelines when creating a view:
*Use a prefix or suffix to distinguish the view from the physical table. For example, for the table, Product, you can create a view with the name Product_VW.
*While creating views, use specific columns rather than using the an asterisk (*) operator. In this case, if you expand the tables used in the view, the view is not affected.
*For a column that has default value in the base table, you must configure the corresponding column in the view as non-editable.
In the view, if the column with a default value in the base table is editable and a user enters a value in it, the column will not retain the new value. Instead, it holds the default value.
*You can use the Define > Structures > Run DDL function in OneData to create a view. This way the DDL is logged in OneData.
*Before creating a view using Run DDL, verify the SQL used to create the view.
You can verify the SQL, by executing a report in OneData by Use Free-Hand method and providing the Select part of the create view statement.

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