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Creating A Self Recursive Structure
Configuring to Inherit a Column Value From Parent Record
Self recursive structures are best viewed as conceptual objects. Recursive conceptual objects are limited to tree view only.
Note: You must first create a data object before you can proceed with the steps below. For more information about creating the data object, see Creating Data Objects Manually.
* To create self recursive structure
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Objects and select the object that you want to set up as a self recursive structure.
2. Select the Structure tab.
3. Click Edit Constraints.
4. Click Add new Foreign Key constraint and complete the fields.
Note: You must select the physical table of the selected object itself as the Related Table Name.
5. Click Save.
You have now set up a self recursive structure in a data object.
6. If you want to create a conceptual object to view the self recursive relation:
Note: To view the values properly in the conceptual object, you must select the column level property Is Description Column? for one of the columns in the self recursive data object.
a. Navigate back to the folder that contains the self recursive data object.
b. Click Add Object and complete the fields. The following fields must be noted.
For this field...
You must select...
Object Type
Conceptual Object
Top Level Object
Self recursive data object that you created.
View Conceptual Object As
Note: You must always select Default mode for the records to display properly in data manager.
c. Click Save.
d. In the screen to select the constituent object, the self recursive data object is selected by default. Click Save.

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