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Versioned Hierarchy
Versioned hierarchy is an optional module in OneData that provides functionality for maintenance, versioning, approval, and release of hierarchy versions. Currently OneData supports versioning for ragged hierarchies only, that is, the objects must be self recursive or network recursive.
Key features of versioned hierarchy include:
*Business user interface to create hierarchies.
*Import wizard and scheduler for initial load of hierarchy.
*Centralized maintenance of hierarchies with feature rich front-end.
*Versioning and rules associated with the hierarchies.
*Multiple levels in terms of approval process (approval of isolated changes versus approval of versions as a complete set).
*Various mechanisms for deployment of hierarchies to downstream systems.
*Granular security.
The following table describes the difference between a standard ragged hierarchy and a versioned ragged hierarchy.
Standard Ragged Hierarchy
Versioned Ragged Hierarchy
Tagging Configuration
No additional tagging is required.
Object must be tagged as a Hierarchy Object in the Object Subtype attribute.
Version Indicator Configuration
No Version Indicator column.
A numeric column with a precision of 1 must be qualified as a Version Indicator column.
Based on the authorizations provided to the user.
Based on the workflow rule where only the approvers at the pending version have privileges to make changes.
You can use Consolidated or Isolated workflow, where a change in the data automatically triggers workflow.
Workflow is manually triggered. That is, approver(s) at one level must specifically submit a version for approval. Approval is done for the entire version and not for select records.
To use workflow with versioned hierarchies, the workflow rule approvers must be created in that same project as the versioned hierarchy.

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