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Configuring Service Audit Logging
Overriding OneData Configurations
This section summarizes all the configuration steps for service audit logging.
The level of audit information logged depends on the configuration set:
*At the global configuration level in the file.
*At the individual the Interchange Mapping profile level to override the global setting.
*At the individual REST and JMS call level to override the global and Interchange Mapping Profile settings.
* To configure inbound request and request response service audit logs:
1. Set the following global logging configuration properties in the file located at <Software AG_directory>\profiles\ODE\bin\onedata\config\, as required:
*In onedata.service.serviceLogLevel, set the audit log level for inbound service requests.
*In, set the level of the logged service audit information for inbound requests to be included for records.
For details of the global configuration properties, see OneData Configuration Properties
2. Optionally, for an individual Interchange Mapping profile, in Data Interchange > Configuration > Interchange Mapping > Add New Mapping \ Edit > Processing Options, do the following:
a. Set the audit logging level for inbound service requests in Service Audit Log Level.
b. In Source System, enter a detailed description about the source system of the payload.
For details on Interchange Mapping Profile, see the Implementing webMethods OneData.

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