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Assigning Backup Users
In OneData, you can appoint a backup user for a specific duration to assist with workflow and change management requests. During the effective date range, OneData automatically diverts workflow and change requests from the primary assignee to the backup user.
The effective dates control how long requests are routed to the backup user. If the From Date is not set, OneData assigns work to the backup user immediately. If the To Date is not set, the backup user is active permanently until either a To Date is set or the backup user is unassigned (the user ID is removed from the Backup user field).
A user who is assigned as a backup user cannot be deleted from the system while the backup dates are effective.
* To assign a backup user
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Security > Users.
2. Click the Edit icon corresponding to the user ID that you want to edit.
3. In the Backup user field, click the Select A Value icon.
4. Select a user from the list of system users.
5. Click Is already backup user? to verify that the user is not already assigned as a backup user.
6. In the From and To fields, complete the effective dates for the backup user.
7. Click Save.

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