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Deleting User Accounts
Before a user account can be deleted, OneData performs validations to ensure that there are no outstanding dependencies on the user account that may adversely affect workflow or processing.
You cannot delete a user account if it has any of the following dependencies:
*It is appointed as a backup user or is assigned as the Anonymous User.
*The user is assigned as an approver of workflow rules, or has any outstanding or pending workflow or change requests.
*The user owns any object, object columns, or has defined any import jobs, export jobs, job steps, or reports.
Note: The logs generated by a user are not deleted if the corresponding user account is deleted. OneData associates the logs to a new user account if the User ID is the same as that of the deleted user.
OneData maintains audit logs capturing user actions even after a user account is deleted. This ensures that no past user action is lost and all user actions are accounted for in future audits. Audit logs include the following user actions:
*Data modification in Work Area and Release Area data schemas through Data Manager
*Data upload into Work Area and Release Area data schemas through data interchange
*Data record approval and rejection through the workflow approval pipeline
*OneData job execution for data interchange, data quality, and so on
*Data model modifications through object definition
*Configuration modifications through the Security and Administration modules
Audit log information is necessary for root-cause analysis of any data issues, even when a user is no longer active in OneData.
If you must delete audit logs for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, delete them regularly by using the capabilities of the Metadata Audit configuration tab available in Home > Administer > System > System Properties. However, note that deletion of logs could result in inconsistent audit information available for any future root-cause analysis of data issues.
For more information on Metadata Audit capabilities, see Working with Metadata.
* To delete a user account
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Security > Users.
2. Click the Delete icon corresponding to the user ID that you want to delete.
3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

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