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Editing User Accounts
You can modify an existing user account, for example, to assign a user role to the account, deactivate the account, lock the account, or set row filters. Any row filter privileges set at the user level override the row filters set at the role level.
* To edit a user account
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Security > Users.
2. Click the Edit icon corresponding to the user ID that you want to edit.
3. Update the user properties. For a description of user account properties, see the table, User Account Properties.
4. Click Allocate Roles to assign the account to one or more user roles.
a. Select the Project for the user.
The project is required only if the system property, Projects, is enabled.
b. In the Available Roles, click the applicable roles and the right arrow key to move them to the Selected Roles pane.
c. Click Save.
5. Click Set Row Filter to assign row filter restrictions to the user account. Row filters control the actions that users can perform at the object-level.
a. Click Set to define a row filter for the corresponding object.
b. In All Actions, select the actions the user can perform.
c. In Reference Columns, choose the filters.
d. Click Save.
e. Repeat these steps for every object for which you want to define row filters.
6. Click Save.

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