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Configuring External Security Authentication with LDAP
Use the following procedure to configure external LDAP server.
Important: Ensure that there is no new entry for an LDAP connection in <Software AG_directory>\profiles\ODE\ configuration\jaas.config.
* To configure LDAP security authentication
1. Stop the OneData server.
2. Navigate to the directory <Software AG_directory>\profiles\ODE\configuration\com.softwareag.platform.config.propsloader.
3. For each OneData repository in your environment, create a properties file with the name<Repository_ID>
For example, if you have two repositories, Repo1 and Repo2 in your environment , then you must create the following two properties files for them:
4. Add the following content to the to all the<Repository_ID> properties files:
Important: Do not change the values of the following properties:
5. Save and close the files.
6. Restart OneData.
OneData now authenticates the users against the configured external LDAP server.

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