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Managing OneData User Sessions
Messaging Active Users
Terminating Active Sessions
The Session Console is a performance-monitoring tool used to view the user sessions that are currently active in OneData. You can also terminate any active session and send a message to active users.
OneData displays the following data about active sessions:
User name connected to the system. The user is a hyperlink. Clicking User-ID displays a window with more detailed information about the user such as, user name, user details and email address.
Login Time
Time of login.
Last Access Time
Time of last access. Depending on the configuration of the application server, inactive sessions may time-out. The typical time-out interval is 30 minutes.
IP Address
IP address of the machine on which the user is logged in.
Last Visited Module
Last module that the user accessed.
For information about sending a message to an active user, see Messaging Active Users. For information about terminating an active session, see Terminating Active Sessions.

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