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Managing User Groups
User groups manage the permissions of users. To delete a user group, click the Delete icon () corresponding to the user group name and confirm deletion.
* To manage user groups
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Security > User Groups.
2. Choose the option that corresponds to the action you want to perform:
*To add a new user group, click Add User Group
*To edit an existing user group, click the Edit icon corresponding to the user group.
3. Define the following properties of the user group:
a. Define the User Group Name.
b. Define the User Group Description.
c. In the Associated Users field, click the Select Values icon to add users to the group. Click Set Values to add the users to the field.
Tip: To add multiple users, select the check box corresponding to the username. Find a user by entering the username(s) in the Search field, and click the Search Value icon or press Enter. To clear the user selection, click the Clear Values icon.
4. Click Save.

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