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Configuring Notifications for Object Changes
Notifications can be configured so that OneData alerts one or more users when changes are made to objects. This is done in the Notification tab within the object definition. When changes to an object are completed and approved and transferred from Staging to Production, the specified users receive an email message about the change.
* To set up notifications
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Objects and select the object in which you want to set up the notification.
2. Click Notification tab.
3. Click the Select Values icon to select the check boxes for all the recipients to be notified.
Note: You can filter the list of users displayed by entering the filter criteria and clicking Search Value icon or by pressing ENTER. To clear the user selection, click Clear Values icon.
OneData notifies the selected users every time a change is made to the object, including inserts, updates, or deletes.

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