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Migrating An Object From Default To Nova Mode
OneData provides two ways to change the display mode of an existing data objects from Default mode to Nova mode.
*You can clone the object and create a new object with the same physical table structure. Clone an object with the Copy object feature. The physical object can be reused multiple times.
*You can change the display mode to Nova in the object definition. OneData implements the change to Nova mode immediately.
To set multiple description columns :
*Edit constraints. Related Column Description is a pop-up screen instead of a drop-down.
*The default description column needs to be set if the object appears in a conceptual object context. Select the description columns from the immediate parent reference and its parents (parents display under the table list). Once you click Save from the pop-up, click Save the FK reference for the selection to be saved.
*The selected description columns can be further configured in terms of caption, display length, show in filter, show in report, etc like any other data object attribute. To set the additional properties, click on the Related Column Description pop-up again and click on Additional Properties.
Note: The delimiter to be displayed between the selected description columns can be set from System Properties as the Multiple description column Delimiter property.
For more information on System Properties, see Administering webMethods OneData.

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