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Managing Folders
Creating A New Folder And Moving Objects To New Folder
Moving a Folder
Folders are used to organize objects into a hierarchy. They can also be used to classify or group entities into subject areas or dimensions.
CATALOG is a system folder that contains all the objects in the repository. This folder is accessible to all users, however, users only see those objects to which they have access. If you create an object from within CATALOG, the object only displays in CATALOG. Subsequently, you can make an object display in other folders by setting the folder allocation in Folders tab of Define Objects. If you create an object from within any other folder, the object displays in the selected folder and the CATALOG folder.
You can add a new folder and edit, delete, or move an existing folder. You can also allocate roles to control folder access.
For more information on role allocation to folders, see Administering webMethods OneData.

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