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Configuration for Null Value Filtering in Terracotta Cache
For data filtering, OneData uses the indexing functionality in Terracotta. To support indexing of null values in Terracotta, OneData provides substitutes for the null values. The null value substitutes are specified in the file. Terracotta uses these substitutes instead of the null values while indexing.
The properties in file and their default values are listed below.
Important: The substitute values for null values are used only for indexing purpose and are not expected to be part of the data. If you expect the substitute value in your data, you can customize the value by editing the file located at < Software AG_directory
OneData Property
Specifies the substitute for a null value of data type...
Default Substitute Value
onedata.terracotta. numeric.nullvalue
SequenceOptional Database
onedata.terracotta. string.nullvalue
CharVarcharFile Type
onedata.terracotta. date.nullvalue
1970-01-01 00:00:00
Note: You must use the date format YYYY-MM-DDHH24:MM:SS

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