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Connecting OneData to Terracotta
After you install Terracotta as described in Using Terracotta with webMethods Products, available on the Software AG Documentation website, specify the server port in the file to connect OneData to Terracotta.
Tip: You can also limit the time that OneData spends in attempting to make an initial connection to the Terracotta Server.
* To connect OneData to Terracotta
1. Navigate to Software AG_directory \profiles\ODE\bin\onedata\config directory.
2. Open the file and set the following Terracotta specific properties:
Terracotta Server host name. To use multiple Terracotta Servers, list each host name separated by a comma. Define the hostname:port, for each terracotta server, as in:
Time in milliseconds that OneData attempts to connect to the Terracotta Server when OneData starts. If OneData cannot establish a connection before the timeout limit is reached, OneData will only retry the connection when it receives a cache request.
Default value is 1000.
3. Save and close the file.

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