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Enabling Distributed Caching
Starting and Stopping the Cache Server
Synchronizing Caches of Objects in Default Mode
To configure OneData to use distributed caching, set the properties in the OneData configuration file,
* To enable distributed caching
1. Navigate to the directory, < Software AG_directory >\profiles\ODE\bin\onedata\config and open the file.
2. Set the following properties in the file.
Determines whether OneData uses distributed or standalone caching. Set the property accordingly:
*To use distributed caching: onedata.jcs.remotecache.enabled=true
*To use standalone caching: onedata.jcs.remotecache.enabled=false
This property does not start the cache server.
Valid values are true and false (default).
onedata.jcs.remotecache. autostart
Indicates whether OneData automatically starts the cache server on startup (if distributed caching is enabled).
If another service is already running on the port or the port is unavailable, OneData will start, but the cache server will not. In this situation, after the port conflict is resolved, (for example, a listening process on the port is stopped), the cache server will need to be manually started using OneData Cache Console or from the command prompt.
Valid values are true and false (default).
The host and port on which cache server(s) are started.
The first host:port value starts the primary server. Subsequent values denote failover servers. Failover server(s) are started in standby mode and are designated as the primary server if the primary server fails.
host1:port1, host2:port2
Specifies full path to JRE Java executable. If this property is not configured, the Java executable is searched in OS path. For example: /opt/java/jdk1.5.0_09/bin or C:\\java\\jdk1.5.0_09\\bin
Specifies minimum Java heap size used by cache server in MB (translates into JVM argument -Xms).
Default 128.
Specifies maximum Java heap size used by cache server in MB (translates into JVM argument -Xmx).
Default 512.
Note: The following properties are internal properties of the distributed caching framework. Do not modify these properties unless it is specifically recommended:
commons-logging.jar, commons-lang-2.4.jar
3. Save and close the file.

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