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Downloading and Setting up Locate Datasets
After installing Locate, you must download datasets that contain address reference data for a specific country or region to use with Locate. Depending on the dataset you licensed, either the geocode or Verify links are available for you to download from the Empower Product Support website:
*Verify datasets. Help verify addresses.
*Geocode datasets. Help verify addresses and translate them into specific coordinates (latitude and longitude) on the earth's surface.
* To download and set up Locate datasets
1. On Empower, go to Download Products.
2. Click Software Downloads > Software Download Center (SDC).
3. From the Releases menu, click Software AG Product Suite current_release.
4. From the Products menu, click the dataset to download:
*Locate Datasets - country_code Geocode/Verify_date to download the country-specific geocode and verify dataset.
*Locate Datasets - country_code Verify_date to download only the country-specific verify dataset.
5. Download and extract all dataset files and the Locate Common file listed under Product Items.
The file name for each dataset indicates its size after decompressing, and the Locate Common file contains all the configuration files required for the geocode or Verify datasets to work.
6. Copy all files from each extracted folder to the Software AG_directory\Locate\datadirectory.
Your Locate datasets are now ready for data cleansing.

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