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Configuring FTP and SFTP Sites
A new FTP destination needs to be added to the system for use in deployment jobs.
* To configure FTP and SFTP connection site
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Data Interchange > Configuration > FTP/SFTP Configuration.
2. Use the option that corresponds to the action you want to perform:
*To add a new destination, click Add new destination.
*To edit an existing destination, click the Edit icon corresponding to the FTP site that you want to edit.
3. Complete the destination details, using the following table as a guide:
Destination Name
Descriptive name for the FTP location, used for deployment jobs.
Host name or IP address of the FTP server.
Port Number
Port Number of the FTP server.
Remote Directory
Directory on the FTP server in which to store files.
User ID to connect to the FTP server.
Password for the user ID.
Passive mode
Specify whether to use passive or active transfer mode.
Specify the connection as FTP or SFTP.
4. For secure FTP (SFTP) locations, in the Authentication Type field, select the authentication type:
*Password: requires the user to enter a password to connect to the SFTP site.
*Certificate: requires authentication through a private key file. Complete the certificate security fields.
5. For certificate-authenticated SFTP, complete the security fields:
a. Private key file name: Specify the authentication file name (do not specify the directory). This field is mandatory for certificate based authentication. For example, my_privatekey.
Note: The file must reside on the same server where OneData is installed. The default directory is < Software AG_directory > profiles\ODE\bin\onedata\config. To change this directory, set onedata.keystore.dirpath in the file. For more information, see Configuring the Keystore Directory Path.
b. Private key file pass phrase: Specify the pass phrase if one was used to generate the private key.
c. Server fingerprint (MDS): Specify the fingerprint, if required.
6. Click Save.

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