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Worker Properties File Reference
The format of a worker configuration directive is: worker.worker_name.directive=value
The first word is always worker and worker_name is the worker name that you choose.
Directives Used in File
Mandatory Directive
Specify the load balancer worker. When starting up, the mod_jk module instantiates the worker that is specified in the worker.list directive.
Connection Directives
Specify the type of worker.
*Specify ajp13 to configure a real (member) worker.
*Specify lb to configure a worker as a load balancer.
Specify the host name or IP address of the OneData instance.
Specify the AJP port number of the OneData instance.
Specify the load balancing factor (integer) that determines the worker's work quota. The load balancer worker compares the lbfactor of the real workers before routing the requests to a worker.
For example, if worker1 has lbfactor=5 and worker2 has the lbfactor=1, worker1 can receive five times more requests than worker2.
Default value is 1.
Load Balancer Directives
Specify a comma-separated list of names of the member workers of the load balancer.
Specify the method that the load balancer uses for electing the best worker. Set the method to B (Busyness) so that the balancer picks the worker with the lowest current load. This number is divided by the workers lbfactor, and the lowest value (least busy) worker is picked.
For more information about the Tomcat workers, see

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