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Adding a OneData Instance to the Cluster
You can add more OneData instances to a cluster.
* To add a OneData instance to a cluster
1. Install OneData in a cluster node.
For more information about installing OneData, see Installing webMethods Products.
Important: If it is a vertical cluster, install OneData in a new directory in the cluster node on which the other OneData instances run.
2. Locate the file and open it in a text editor.
a. Add the following configuration details to the file:
Note: You must change the values for HOST IP and AJP Port in the below configuration based on the clustering you want to set up.
# Set properties for new_worker (ajp13)
worker.new_worker.type=ajp13 IP
worker.new_worker.port =AJP Port
b. In the file, edit the worker.balancer.balance_workers property to include the new worker name as shown in following example:
worker.balancer.balance_workers=worker1, worker2, new_worker
3. Save the changes in the file.
4. In the new OneData instance, navigate to Software AG_directory/profiles/ODE/configuration/tomcat/conf and add the following in server.xml file.
Note: Use the AJP port based on the type of clustering that you want to set up.
<Connector port="AJP port" enableLookups="false" redirectPort="8443"
protocol="AJP/1.3" /><Engine defaultHost="localhost"
5. Go to the folder apache_server_root\conf and open the httpd.conf file.
6. In the Proxy tag, add the entry:
BalancerMember ajp://Apache HTTP server IP:New AJP Port min=10
max=100 route=node1 loadfactor=1
7. At the command prompt, reload the Apache configuration using the command httpd.exe.
The OneData instance is now added to the cluster.

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