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Using the Change Request Inbox
Change Request Statuses
Every OneData user has a Change Request Inbox. The Change Request inbox contains change requests that are assigned to the logged in user. If there are pending change requests, the OneData Home page displays a notification message to the user. Users can navigate to the inbox by clicking the notification message.
In the Change Request inbox, you can view the details of a request by clicking the request number. The assigned user can perform any of the following options:
*Update the Change Request Header details, add a message, reply to a discussion thread, and add a file attachment.
*For an object-specific request, use Add Row Details to enter free-text values for a new data record. This adds an entry to the discussion thread with the record details.
*If the assigned user is the steward or owner of the object or column in the change request, the user can perform a data change in the object directly from the details screen. For information about directly changing the data, see Processing a Change Request.
*Users with the appropriate privileges can link changes to values in the object columns by navigating to Data Manager. On the Values tab, use the Set Change Request command or Link to Change Request field to link a request number to the change to be performed.
Note: Set Change RequestLink to Change Request
For information about change request statuses, see Change Request Statuses.

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