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Starting a Thread in the Discussion Forum
OneData provides a Discussion Forum for communicating with other users. Similar to the discussion thread in a change request, the Discussion Forum allows you to create and post discussion topics in a forum-like setting and provides an audit trail of posting.
Discussion forum topics are not associated with change requests.
* To start a thread in the discussion forum
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Collaborate > Discussion Forum.
Note: In the list of threads, you can click the Thread number to see the messages posted in that thread or post a message in that thread. You can also filter threads based on the date it was created.
2. Click Start a Thread to initiate a discussion.
3. Enter a Name for the thread and click Next.
4. Enter a message in the text field to post to the thread. Add attachments to the message by clicking Add/Delete Attachments.
5. Click Post to submit the message.
Note: To print the messages, click Printable Version for a print preview and click Print Page to print the details.

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