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Configuring Messaging Jobs
You can configure export jobs to write to a queue or topic directly. For import jobs, this can be done with outbound configuration. That is, when imported record transfers from work area to release area, OneData writes the records to the queue.
For details on how to add a job, see Implementing webMethods OneData.
* To configure an export job
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Data Interchange > Manage Export Job to view the created jobs.
2. Click a job and click Edit on the Manage Current Job screen.
3. Define the outbound queue properties:
a. Define the outbound message object for Broker Outbound.
Job Type
Field Definitions
Conceptual Object Export
*Select Write to message object.
*In Write to message object, select the message object that receives the output.
File Generation by Timestamp
*Select Write to JMS Messaging object.
*In Destination Messaging Object, select the outbound messaging queue to receive output.
b. In Header Information Option: select what job execution information o include in the output message.
Excludes job execution information from the message.
Include in message body
Includes job execution information in the message body.
Include in message header
Includes job execution information in the message header.
4. The Deployment Job output is written to Broker - outBound as specified.

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