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Features of Messaging Support
Messaging support is currently available for the following modules:
*Data Manager: Messaging can be triggered by add, update, delete, and purge actions. The Data Manager module includes the following:
*Message listener configuration: The listener can be configured to receive messages from multiple message queues or topics. The messages that contain data are read and OneData updates the data schema accordingly.
*Outbound messaging object configuration: Outbound messaging can be configured to write any data changes to data schema to multiple message queues or topics that can then be propagated in real time to any recipient systems.
To configure messaging objects, see Defining Messaging Objects.
*Deployment Job: Data changes fromOneData schema can be aggregated and batched together at a specified time, and then written to a message queue or topic. You can schedule when messages are delivered to recipient systems that are configured to receive JMS messages.
Note: Rules engine updates to column values are not propagated to the messaging framework.
Multi-select column values are displayed by default. To hide multi-select columns, set property to true, as described in Configuring OneData Properties.
Use separate messaging objects to define inbound and outbound messaging queues. Ensure that the queue is defined as either an inbound or outbound queue to avoid an infinite loop error.

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