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This function returns structure information about the entity or table whose name is provided. The function accepts input as XML and returns XML string as output.
The structure of the input XML is as follows:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Input XML Tags
Optional. ID of the repository in which the entity or table resides. If you do not provide the ID, the ID of the first repository from the list of available repositories is used by default. This tag is case sensitive.
Optional. Logical name of the object in OneData. (Required if TABLENAME is not provided).
Optional. Physical table name in the database. (Required if ENTITYNAME is not provided).
Optional. Client ID if more than one client is defined in the metadata.
Optional. Project ID if more than one project is defined for the client in the metadata.
Optional. Determines whether the data is retrieved from the work area or the release area where there is a dual schema landscape.

Optional. ID and service layer security password of the user calling this web service. Required if service layer security is enabled.
For more information about the service layer security password, see Retrieving Password for Service Layer Security.

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