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Read-Write Web Services
Input XML Specification
Mandatory Tags
Use the read-write web services to perform operations on OneData entities from outside OneData without any additional configuration or set up. These operations are sequential and must be performed in the following order:
You can define single or multiple operations, and you can use these services to perform DML operations on single or multiple datasets.
Tip: You can use the SELECT operation to retrieve a maximum of 1000 rows of data. You must use getData to fetch above 1000 rows of data. For more details about getData, see getData.
Note: The web service supports operations without filter conditions only on objects that have 1000 rows of data. If you want to specify filter, the number of rows that satisfy the filter must ideally be less than 1000. However, the exact number of rows that the web service supports will depend on the heap size of the server JVM.

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