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This web service does the synchronous execution of a defined job. The execution is synchronous because the service waits for the job to complete before it obtains the job output. Function returns job output as an XML file that contains the log of the job that executed. The script files are sent as attachments. The type of job is given as an input parameter to this web service.
Input Parameters
Required. Repository name.

User Id
Required. User name/ password.
Schema Id
Required. ID of the required schema. Set to:
1 for Work Area
2 for Release Area
Project Id
Required. ID of the required project.
Job Name
Required. Name of the job to be executed.
Job Type
Required. Type of job to be executed.
Incremental From Date

Incremental To Date
Optional. From/to dates.
Note: Generic job functions support Global Reports Job only that is, Job Type=43.
Output Parameters
Sample Input
RepositoryId = DEV
UserId = admin
Password = 73ACD9A5972130B75066C82595A1FAE3
SchemaId = 1
ProjectId = 1
JobName = TestSyncDeployJob
JobType = 43
Sample Output
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<NAME>Brand Report-Grouping</NAME>
<EXECUTIONDATE>1970-01-01 05:30:00.0</EXECUTIONDATE>
<RESULT>12 rows were retrieved for the report.</RESULT>
<RESULT_MESSAGE>The job executed successfully and the report has been
emailed to the following address(es):</RESULT_MESSAGE>

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