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Using Clickable Links
OneData provides clickable links, links that route a user directly to a OneData object definition without navigating through the OneData menus. Clickable links provide a secure way to display object properties, while hiding the data records associated with an object and limiting a user’s access within the product to a single object. OneData automatically assigns every object a clickable link when the object is defined.
A user can use the clickable link to access the object in one of two ways:
*The anonymous user (using the anonymous user ID) can view the properties of the object definition without logging in.
*An internal user logged in to OneData uses the link to connect directly to the object.
For an external user to access the OneData objects, the administrator must define the Anonymous User field in the Home Page Portal system properties (Administer > System > System Properties). This field specifies the login ID for users attempting to access OneData objects through clickable and OneData Anywhere links.
For more information about configuring these properties, see Administering webMethods OneData.
* To determine the clickable link for an object
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data or View > Browse.
2. Navigate to the object you want to view and select it.
3. To view the complete object properties select the option that corresponds to the object’s display mode:
*In Default mode, click the Advanced Definition tab.
*In Nova mode, click View > Definition.
4. Select the link from the Clickable Link field:
*In Default mode. Find the link in the Definition of [Object] properties table.
*In Nova mode. Find the link by expanding the Advanced Definition properties.

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