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Advanced Object Properties
The advanced definition object properties provide details about the object definition, advanced properties of the object, object structure, object hierarchy, external services, and commands to generate the XSD and export the table structure. The object definition displays the following object properties:
*Name: Displays the object name.
*Definition: Displays the definition or description of the object,
*Owner: Displays the user who created or owns the object.
*Custodian System: Displays the system in which the original data resides.
*Destination Systems: Displays the system in which the production data is updated.
The properties in the Advanced Definition table describe the structure of the object and include object links:
*Physical table name: Displays the name of the physical database table used by the object.
*Object Sub Type: Displays the object sub-type, such as temporal or time-bound.
*Object type: Displays the type of object, such as data, conceptual, network recursive, or self-recursive.
*Clickable Links: Provides a OneData user access to a specific object only.
*OneData Anywhere link: Provides a link for integrating OneData data management within an external application.
External services are properties of the object that can be used in external systems.

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