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This guide This sectiondescribes how to administer webMethods OneData in order to manage the following system operations:
*Database configurations. Configure database connections to other systems, in-memory database parameters, and distributed caching.
*Broadcast messages. Broadcast messages to OneData users immediately.
*Asynchronous messaging. Exchange messages with other systems asynchronously. OneData supports the use of message queues (point-to-point) and message topics (publish-subscribe).
*Metadata repositories. Configure repositories to store metadata and transfer and import metadata from one repository to another.
*Perform auditing and logging. Track changes to data and system configurations using the OneData audit data.
*Control user security. Create and maintain user accounts, and enforce user security through user roles and role-specific privileges within OneData.
*Security Violation Protections. Protect your data from external security violations, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection on web forms.
*Licensing. Configure license attribute settings.

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