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About Tracing Documents in Broker Topology View
While in the topology view, you can start a trace to view documents that are actively flowing across Broker connections, from producers to Broker to consumers. By default, Broker traces documents of all document types. The following shows a sample of a document being traced.
To define your display settings for the topology view, narrow down the number of clients and Brokers that appear in the topology view, and narrow down the documents that Broker traces, see Setting Your User Preferences for the Display Settings.
Tracing documents in the topology view can consume a lot of system resources, for example, the memory of the My webMethods Server. Use it as a diagnostic tool when needed and do not let it run for long periods of time. It is recommended that you do not trace documents in a production environment when there is a high load of activity.
After you start a document trace, the trace continues as long as you stay on the Topology tab of the Broker Detail page until you manually stop the trace. However, if you switch to another page within My webMethods, a timeout timer starts. The timeout value is 30 seconds. To conserve system resources, after 30 seconds elapse, the system automatically stops the document trace. If you switch back to the Topology tab of the Broker Detail page before the timeout expires, the system clears the timeout timer and the trace will continue. You cannot configure the timeout value.