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Tracing a Document in the Territory Topology View
Use the following procedure to trace a document in the territory topology view.
*To run a document trace in the topology view
1. To limit the documents that the system traces, you must define the document types to trace per Broker. To do so, use the instructions in Defining the Documents to Include in Traces.
To view the list of document types that the system will trace, you can use the Documents tab of the territory topology view display options. For instructions, see Viewing Documents that Are Included in Territory Topology Document Traces.
2. Display the topology view as described in Displaying the Territory Topology View.
3. To customize the display of the topology view or specify the territories to include, see Setting Your User Preferences for the Territory Topology View.
4. Click the start trace button .
While the trace is running, the start trace button is replaced with the stop trace button . Stop the trace by clicking the stop trace button .