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Topology View of Brokers
Data Displayed in the Broker Topology View
Displaying the Broker Topology View
About Tracing Documents in Broker Topology View
Tracing Documents in the Topology View
Setting Your User Preferences for the Display Settings
The Broker topology view provides a graphical representation of a Broker. The topology view shows:
*Clients connected to the current Broker
*Remote Brokers connected to the current Broker
*Gateway Brokers in other territories where there is a gateway between the current Broker and the gateway Brokers shown in the topology view
Additionally, you can trace documents in the topology view to show the documents that are actively flowing from producers to Broker to consumers. For more information, see About Tracing Documents in Broker Topology View.
The Broker topology view requires that you have the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) viewer, which is provided by Adobe, installed on the machine where your browser is running. You can download this viewer from The SVG viewer with the Firefox Web browser is not supported. If you do not have the SVG viewer installed, when you attempt to use the Broker topology view, Broker prompts you to install it.