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Data Displayed in Trace View
The following table describes the data the system displays in the table on the Trace tab.
Trace Number
An internally generated index number for a line in the trace.
Document Type
The document type of the traced document.
Broker /Client
A Broker name or client ID associated with the operation displayed in the Operation column.
Application Name
The client application name of the client that either published or received the document.
The operation associated with the document that was traced. It will be one of the following:
*Broker added. A new Broker has been added.
*Broker reconnected. A connection to the Broker has been reestablished.
*Broker connected. A connection to the Broker has been made.
*Broker disconnected. The Broker is disconnected. Reasons might be that the Broker Server has been restarted or stopped.
*Client created. A new client has been created.
*Client connected. A connection to the client has been made.
*Client destroyed. The client has been deleted.
*Client disconnected. A client is disconnected from the Broker.
*Drop. A client has no permission to receive the document, so the Broker is dropping the document.
*Enqueue. A Broker received the document and placed it in a queue.
*Publish. Either a client published a document or a remote Broker forwarded a document.
*Receive. A Broker received an acknowledgment for the document from a client that subscribes to the document and has dequeued the document.
Time Stamp
The date and time the operation was logged for the traced document.