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Defining the Documents to Include in Traces
By default when you perform a document trace, the system traces documents of all document types. Use the Documents tab of the Broker Display Options page to limit the traced documents by selecting the document types that you do not want to trace.
Be aware that settings you make on the Documents tab also affect:
*The trace of documents on the Trace tab of the Broker Details page. For more information, see Table View of Trace Information.
*The trace of documents in the territory topology view. For more information, see Topology View of Territories.
*To define the documents to include in traces
1. Display the topology view as described in Displaying the Broker Topology View.
2. Click the Display Settings link.
3. Click the Documents tab.
4. Select the check box for each document type that you do not want to trace.
*To easily select all document types, click Hide All.
*If you want to clear all check boxes for all document types, click Show All.
You can export the list of document types to a .csv file by clicking Export Table.
5. Click OK.