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Each event type has a set of one or more infosets that describe configuration information for the event type.
An event type's public infoset defines the semantics of the event. In particular, the public infoset defines the event type of a reply that can be expected for an event.
While infosets are neither events nor event types, the methods for obtaining them return the infoset as a BrokerEvent for convenience.
*Use the BrokerClient.getEventTypeNames method to obtain the names of all the infosets defined for a particular event type name.
*Use the BrokerClient.getEventTypeInfoset method to obtain a single infoset, given an event type name and the infoset name.
*Use the BrokerClient.getEventTypeInfosetNames method to obtain a list of infosets, given an event type name and a list of infoset names.