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Pseudo-transaction Support
This level of support allows your Broker client to reliably rollback to the beginning of the transaction. The adapter processes the transaction's events in a tight sequence, making it less likely that your data will become inconsistent, but it does not offers protection in the event of a failure. Here are the other features of pseudo-transaction support:
*The SAVEPOINT operation is not supported.
*After a ROLLBACK operation, all request events published so far are discarded and will not generate any reply events, not even error replies. The ROLLBACK operation returns an acknowledgment.
*The COMMIT operation simply returns an acknowledgment.
*Any request event that generates an error after a COMMIT operation will cause all subsequent events in the same transaction to be discarded without being processed. Furthermore, any changes prior to the error will not be undone and ending the transaction will generate an error.
*Depending on the design of the adapter, a COMMIT or ROLLBACK operation can fail even if all the previous request events succeeded, so you should always request an acknowledgment when ending a transaction.
Pseudo-transaction support