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Saving Outgoing or Incoming Documents
You can save any of the documents on the Outgoing Documents tab or the Incoming Documents tab to a file. By saving documents to a file, you can:
*Use the same set of documents with multiple test clients.
*Use documents across multiple sessions. When you log out of My webMethods or your session expires, Broker deletes the contents of the Outgoing Documents tab and the Incoming Documents tab.
*Add or modify content of the documents by editing the XML file that contains the saved documents. You can then add the populated documents to the Outgoing Documents tab for a test client.
When saving a document that contains a large amount of binary data to an XML file, My webMethods encodes the binary data using base 64 encoding. Consequently, My webMethods might take a long time to save a document to an XML file.
*To save documents in the outgoing or incoming documents list
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Clients.
2. In the Client List, click the client ID of the test client for which you want to save the outgoing or incoming documents list. If the test client does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.
3. On the Client Details page, click Test Client View in the Client Details Information view.
4. On the Test Client Details page, do one of the following:
*To save documents on the outgoing documents list, click the Outgoing Documents tab.
*To save documents in the incoming documents list, click the Incoming Documents tab.
5. Select the check box next to the documents that you want to save to a file.
6. Click Save to File. My webMethods displays the Export Documents dialog, which identifies the documents that will be saved to a file.
7. Click Save to File. The Internet browser prompts you to open the file or save the file to disk.
8. Select the option to save the file to disk. Enter a name and location for the exported documents and save the file.
9. On the Export Documents page, click Back to return to the Test Client Details page.