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Clearing the Test Client Queue
A test client queue contains all of the published and delivered documents that match the registered subscriptions for the test client. Documents remain in the test client's queue until you retrieve them using the Incoming Documents tab. However, you might want to remove documents from the test client's queue without retrieving them. For example, other clients, including other test clients, might have published documents that you are not interested in examining or retrieving.
*To clear a test client queue
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Clients.
2. In the Client List, select the test client for which you want to empty the queue. If the test client does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.
3. On the Client Details page, click Test Client View in the Client Details Information view.
4. On the Configuration tab, click Clear Queue. My webMethods deletes all the documents in the test client queue. Notice that the Queue Length value is now 0.