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Adding Comments to Documents
To help you identify documents in the Outgoing Documents tab and to assist you when examining documents received by a test client, you can add a comment to a document listed on the Outgoing Documents tab. For example, the Outgoing Documents tab might list several documents of the same type. You can add comments to each document to allow you to quickly differentiate the documents.
When you save documents to file, comments are not saved with the documents.
*To add a comment to a document
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Clients.
2. In the Client List, click the client ID of the test client for which you want to add comments to documents in to the outgoing documents list. If the test client does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.
3. On the Client Details page, click Test Client View in the Client Details Information view. My webMethods displays the Test Client Information view.
4. On the Test Client Information page, click the Outgoing Documents tab.
5. In the Document Type column, click the document type for which you want to add a comment. My webMethods opens the Document Details page.
6. In the Document Details dialog, enter the comment you want to add to the document in the Comment field.
7. Click OK. My webMethods displays the comment you added in the Comments column next to the document type.