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Adding Blank Documents
You can add empty documents to the outbound documents list one at a time. You can publish empty documents to verify that client subscriptions to that document type work and to trace the documents as Broker routes them.
If you want to add content to a document before publishing it, save the document to a file, use a text editor to modify the XML file, and then load the document into the outbound documents list. For information about saving documents, see Saving Outgoing or Incoming Documents. For information about loading documents from a file, see Loading Documents from a File.
*To add an empty document
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Clients.
2. In the Client List, click the client ID of the test client for which you want to add empty documents to the outgoing documents list. If the test client does not appear in the list, use the Search tab to locate it.
3. On the Client Details page, click Test Client View in the Client Details Information view. My webMethods displays the Test Client Information view.
4. Click the Outgoing Documents tab.
If the test client is not connected, the Outgoing Documents tab displays the message "Test client is not connected. Please reconnect the test client to get the information." For information about reconnecting a test client, see Reconnecting Test Clients.
5. Click Add Document to display the Test Client - Add Documents dialog.
6. On the Add Empty Document tab, do the following
a. In the Can Publish Document Type list, select the document type for the empty document that you want to insert in the outgoing documents list.
b. Next to Where to Add, select the option that indicates whether you want to insert the documents at the beginning or end of the outgoing document list.
After you insert documents, you can move them up or down in the outgoing documents list using the buttons in the Move Up and Move Down columns.
7. Click Add.