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Building an Outgoing Documents List
Adding Blank Documents
Loading Documents from a File
Copying and Pasting Documents in the Outgoing Documents List
Adding Comments to Documents
To publish documents with a test client, you first need to build a list of documents to publish. The Outgoing Documents tab provides a staging area in which you can build this set of documents. You can build an outgoing documents list by doing one or more of the following:
*Adding blank documents
*Loading documents from a file
*Pasting documents copied from other locations in My webMethods
My webMethods maintains the outgoing documents list in its memory cache for the duration of your current session only. When you log out of My webMethods, your session is disconnected, or your session expires due to inactivity, My webMethods deletes the contents of the Outgoing Documents tab. If you want to use a set of documents across multiple sessions, save the documents to a file. For more information about saving documents to a file, see Saving Outgoing or Incoming Documents.