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Publishing Documents with a Test Client
Building an Outgoing Documents List
Publishing Documents with a Test Client
Stopping Publishing by a Test Client
Using a test client, you can publish documents to test document subscriptions registered by other clients. You might want to verify that Broker delivers a copy of a published document for each client that subscribes to that document type. You might also want to verify that a filter saved with a subscription is working properly, such that Broker only delivers documents that meet the criteria specified by the filter.
To publish documents with a test client, you need to do the following:
*Build a list of documents to publish.
*Publish the documents for all subscribers or deliver the documents to a specific client.
You use the Outgoing Documents tab to build and publish a set of documents for a test client.
A test client can only publish documents for which the client has can-publish permissions. The client group to which a client belongs determines the document types for which a client has can-publish permissions. For more information about setting can-publish permission for a client group, see Adding Document Type Permissions for Client Groups.